After spending three hours in an America’s Tires waiting to get his tires changed, former Sparks Robotics CEO Victor Darolfi had a moment of clarity.

I sat at America’s Tires for three hours and thought, hey, we use robots to put tires on at the factory. Why don’t we bring robots into the service industry?

Victor Darolfi, Founder and CEO of RoboTire

Victor’s startup seeks to change tires in a fraction of the time that it takes most mechanics, 10 minutes versus the average of 60 minutes. This is a vast reduction in labor and increase in efficiency.

Founded in October 2018, RoboTire has partnered with Mitsubishi Robotics and has a system that runs for $250,000, that it is seeking to license out to professionals.

Want to see the system in action? Toole’s Garage in San Carlos is RoboTire’s first partner.