Times have changed that we have the ability to get personalized face masks, just so we can unlock our iPhones with Face ID without removing the mask.

For $40 dollars per mask, this product is quite expensive. Will people be able to re-use it? I feel like this is more of a fashion trend, or even a gag gift. Considering that a lot of people have reported that these masks don’t even work to unlock your phone, this serves as more of a novelty than anything. Will this get more people to practice health precaution though?

“Be protective and be recognized,” reads the website for the product. “It’s so easy.”

“To get a Resting Risk Mask, you simply need to upload an image of your face via web app. Baskin’s service would map the image of your face onto the mask’s curved surface without distortion. You’d preview a digital version of your Resting Risk Face, and once you approve, you’re ready to start walking around looking like a piece of performance art.”

What are your thoughts? 😷 Creepy? Cool? Amazing? 🤔Buy it for a friend’s as a joke? Let us know!